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美国学校与中国学校的12点大不同。 1、班级大小,这是比较明显的一条,特别是在初高中阶段。中国老师平均一天上两节课,一堂课的人数在55人到65人左右。而美国老师一天平均上5或6节课,班级人数在25到30人之间。中国的任课老师使用课余时间批改作业,或者备课。

Follow the flock south: Enjoy the good life in the southern U.S. and Mexico without breaking the bank

As you’ve probably heard, snowbird is a term used to describe a Canadian who regularly spends time in warm-weather spots in U.S. Sunbelt states like Florida, Arizona, Texas and California, as well as Mexico, for up to six months every year. Some drive down in campers or RVs while others rent condos or houses in different areas of the Sunbelt every year.